Mike Donner, CEO, Pridemark Billing Services

Michael Donner (Mike Donner), CEO, Pridemark Billing ServicesMichael W. Donner is CEO of Pridemark Billings Services and Pridemark Paramedic Services.

Donner began his EMS career in 1982 as an EMT with a small, private ambulance service in southern California. In 1983, Mike Donner attended the Santa Ana College fire academy where he earned a Firefighter I designation, then graduated from Daniel Freeman Hospital’s paramedic program in 1985. Michael Donner worked as both a paramedic and a firefighter until 1989. In 1990, Donner was recruited to run a small ambulance company that was acquired by LifeFleet Ambulance, and in 1992 promoted to corporate risk manager for LifeFleet.

In late 1995, Donner re-entered the ambulance industry as regional risk manager for MedTrans, and was transferred to their Denver operation. After the announced merger of MedTrans and AMR in early 1997, Donner partnered with Jeff Forster and other investors to form Pridemark.

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